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[7/21] 1-Day Workshop with Superani: Hyun Jin Kim & Tony Sandoval

[7/21] 1-Day Workshop with Superani: Hyun Jin Kim & Tony Sandoval


Kazone Art x Superani US presents a 1-Day Workshop with Hyun Jin Kim & Tony Sandoval

  • Date: JULY 21, 2024 (SUNDAY)
  • Time: 10AM - 6PM
  • Tuition: $170
  • Location: 4850 Barranca Parkway #201 Irvine, CA. 92604

A strong understanding of fundamentals allows the artist to draw what they see and bring their imagination to life. This workshop will not only give you a lecture, during the workshop, students will have a fun exercise and draw along session to have a better understanding.

Lecture 1 (10am-1pm)

Instructor 1: Hyun Jin Kim

Hyun Jin Kim is a renowned art instructor, illustrator, and painter. He is the founder of Superani and established AniChanga art school in Korea as a resource for art students wishing to improve their drawing skills. Hyun Jin’s approach to teaching drawing has become the standard for Superani artists.

Lecture outline:

This workshop features a 3-hour lecture on human anatomy, focusing on the anatomy of the human skull and understanding facial muscle properties. It provides fundamental knowledge to students, helping them grasp muscle limitations and their role in facial movements.

Designed for students of all levels, this workshop aims to teach human anatomy principles and practical exercises essential for gaining confidence in portrait drawing.

Lecture 2 (2pm-5pm)

Instructor 1: Tony Sandoval

Tony Sandoval, a writer/artist nominated three times for the Eisner Award, has penned numerous books published across various platforms. His passion for illustration and graphic novels drives him to create rich, imaginative universes through his artistic talents.

Lecture outline:

In this lecture, you will discover how he translates his imagination onto paper using his beloved medium, watercolor. Seize this opportunity to learn the intricacies of image research and the process of executing a final character design.

Tailored for students at any skill level, this workshop aims to instruct on crafting a narrative for your character, starting from research and sketching, culminating in painting your own character using watercolor.


All materials will be provided by Kazone. 


Lunch and beverages will be

provided by Kazone. 

Book sales:

A limited quantity of KJG Sketch Collection & Organica by Tony Sandoval will be available for sale during the workshop.


  • 9:40 AM Check-in
  • 10 AM -1 PM Lecture by Hyun Jin Kim
  • 1 PM - 2 PM Lunch and networking (A catered lunch, as well as coffee and tea, will be served)
  • 2 PM - 5 PM Lecture by Tony Sandoval
  • 5 PM - 6 PM Q&A and Book Signing