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McCurry, NYC, 911


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Behind the lens, documenting the sequence of events, there was the eyes of Steve McCurry, one of the most beloved photographers for its ability to tell the distant corners of the world by making them feel as neighbors reach.  "McCurry, NYC, 9/11" is a story about the life of photojournalist Steve McCurry, best known for his striking cover photo for National Geographic, depicting an Afghan girl with piercing sapphire green eyes.

Steve McCurry was in New York on September 11, 2001.  Manhattan is his island, his home port between assignments as he crisscrosses the globe.  

The Twin Towers were the focal point of his skyline.  He watched from afar as they fell, and then took in their absence from up close during the long days that followed.  He documented the incomprehensible and bore witness to the wounds of a city and its people.  

Fifteen years later, Dupuis Editions, Caurette Editions, and Magnum Photos collaborate to consider that tragic day through the eyes of two great image creators:  humanist photographer Steve McCurry and gifted illustrator Kim Jung Gi.

The resulting story, while rooted in the loss of the World Trade Center, expands far beyond the boundaries of Ground Zero to include the photographer's extensive travels and the iconic images they have generated.  Steve McCurry, the "accidental" war photographer, has witnessed tragedy without losing his faith in humanity.

By weaving links among the times and places he has seen, and augmenting the comic with his photos, this book brings us into the extraordinary would of a man who has observed it from the last century to the present day.

This volume contains 64 of Steve McCurry's photos as part of the illustrated story, plus 12 additional photos, 8 of which are being published for the first time.

Photography: Steve McCurry

Written By: Jean-David Morvan & Severine Trefouel

Illustrations: Kim Jung Gi

Colors: Walter Pezzali


English Version

Pages: 138

ISBN: 979-10-96315-01-7