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Nemiri Book


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As a child, Nemiri had a great passion for books and admiration for French "bande-dessinée" artists such as Jean Giraud / Moebius, Hugo Pratt and André Franquin. He attended the Beaux Art d'Angoulême art school for three years, during which he met and befriended Dominique Bertail and Marc Rigoux. At the age of 20, after living on small jobs and a few illustrations done for Japanese fashion magazines, Nemiri's mother sent some sketches to Éditions Glénat in 1998. Author Jean-David Morvan offered Nemiri his first job and the two have since then worked on numerous collaborations, notably "Je suis morte" and "Hyper l'hyppo" (2005).

Nicolas’ very first artwork collection "Nemiri Book" has been published in 2017.

At first, I thought this artist was a female, but he was not.  And at first I thought he was an Asian artist, but he was not.  He understands the sensibility of Eastern art the best among European artists.  There is a beautiful restraint within the beauty of negative space and effortless brush stroke.  The image lingers on for a long time after you're done looking at his work.    - Kim Jung Gi -


Dimension: 11” x 9.1” (28x 22.5 cm)

Pages: 240

Weight: Approximately 3.08lb (1.4kg)

What you get: The book comes with a  Nemiri poster